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Did you know...

  • ... that Penguin3806 is the only user to compete in all of Boris' camps?
  • ... that Object Ronald was only up for elimination once in TNYC's first two seasons?

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Object Show Wikis

These wikis relate to the popular animated “object shows,” primarily on YouTube. Go to them for info or for help with your own wiki!

Anthropomorphic WorldArticle InsanityAmazing Battle CentreAwesome Object BattleBattle for Dream IslandBattle for ImmunityBattle for Object Destination/EarthquakeBolty AdventuresBrawl Of The ObjectsChallenge to WinClashdown of the ItemsCode RedExcellent EntitiesInanimate Fight-OutInanimate InsanityIncredible ItemsInanimate TVMelody StarNon-EntityObject at SeaObject ConnectsObject DerpinessObject DivisionObject HavocObject IllusionObject InsanityObject LandObject LockdownObject MadnessObject MayhemObject OverloadObject Survival IslandObject RedundancyObject SagaObject SchizophreniaObject ConnectsObject Shows CommunityObject Shows HistoryObject TerrorObject TrekObject UniverseObjectpediaOCR and AviutlOdd ObjectsOpen Source ObjectsRush Hour EliminationSuper Dumb Joke ShowSuper Object BattleSurrounded In Tacks and Sewing NeedlesThe New York Camp UniverseThe Object Show MovieThe Plushy BattleThe Strive For The MillionThingy WarTime Travel BattleWhen Objects WorkYet Another Gameshow

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